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Pokeball, GO~! :D

Name: Brittany.
Nickname(s): My main Internet handle is Lime. I also go by Britty, Lynn, and Ichimu.
Age: 15.
Gender: Female.
Height: Last time I checked, I was 5'1½.

Hobbies: Writing fiction, reading just about anything, watching whatever I want to on my TV, playing video games, going to anime conventions, learning, being with silly with my friends, and helping people out. Pretty much everything on my "likes" list.
Talents: Well, I've been told that I'm a good writer, even though I usually lack inspiration. D: I'm also good at things relating to language/writing, such as grammar and learning foreign languages quickly. Um, I'm also good at helping people, I guess? I can act like a therapist when needed, so people can vent on me all they want. I was also given the "cutest member" award at a forum I frequently go to not too long ago. Would being cute be considered some sort of talent? :D;;
Likes: My family and friends, cute furry animals, humor, stuffed animals, general cute things, writing, reading, good grammar, anime and manga (favorite genres are comedy, fantasy and magical girl), video games (survival horror, I LOVE YOOOOU), movies (comedy all the way), music (Especially video game music, classical music and rock), books, learning interesting yet useless information, fan-made stuff, good fandoms that are happy happy and not filled with drama, crack pairings, anime conventions, cosplay(ing), lolita fashion, internet memes, sweet foods, most forms of meat (STEAK!), having fun, being happy, helping others, kindness, happy happy sunshine fun and filling out applications for rating communities. Oh, and parentheses, but did I even have to mention that?
Dislikes: People who discriminate against others even though they haven't done anything wrong, people who are generally not very nice (Long list with that one!), incompetent 20 year-olds who sit around all day on forums and mooch off of their parents while they should be getting a job and their own home (I've met two too many), other people who are older than I am that act like children, people who won't leave me alone, slow computers, pop-ups and annoying ads, "that time of the month", loud noises, being dirty, being ignored, being interrupted, and how horrible my spelling is. I feel as if I'm missing a few things, but I don't want the list to be too long, so I'll move on. x-x

Strong Points: I'm cheerful most of the time, and I somehow always have a lot of energy. I love helping people out and cheering them up when they're sad, and I can be very caring at times. (People like to vent on me.) I'm stubborn and loyal when it comes to anyone and anything I care about, and I try my best. I'm rather reserved as well, keeping my opinions to myself when I'm in one of my calmer moods. I also have streaks of creativity and wittiness, but I'm afraid that they don't happen very much.
Weak Points: I'm temperamental, and I sometimes let my anger get the best of me, though I have gotten better at keeping it under control. I'm a procrastinator too, and I usually wait until the last minute to finish something. I'm insecure about who I am and about my abilities, and sometimes feel as if my friends are better than I am. At the same time, however, I feel as if I'm better than certain people and take a lot of pride in proving it. I can also be a hypocrite without realizing it at times. I'm also very emotional, bursting into tears at the weirdest of things, and I have a tendency to become whiny whenever things aren't working out for me, though I usually express this when I'm alone. I hate to admit that I can be too nice to people at times, yet at the same time, I can also be too mean to others. I also tend to dwell on things, feeling very awful about the mistakes I've made in the past. I also sometimes barge into projects without taking any time to plan ahead, which can lead to a lot of work and headaches in the future.

Favorite Food: Steak!! I also love sweets and bread.
Favorite Color: Lime green.
Favorite Pokemon: Tough choice, for sure! My favorite has always been Cubone for some reason though, I've always found them so cute. My second favorite is Piplup. X3
Favorite Sport: I'm not much of a sports person, but I love to swim and bowl.
Favorite kind of music: I think I've liked every genre of music in one form or another. This is a tough choice, but I would have to say that my favorite genres are rock and classical. And whatever Ali Project is. Would video game music count as its own genre? If so, that's another favorite, as I loooooooooove a lot of video game soundtracks.
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: I haven't read much of Pokemon Special yet, so I can't choose at the moment. ^^;;

Leader or Follower? I'm more of a follower, though I can lead when needed. I prefer being a bit of both, like second in command.
Confident or Shy? Shy, definitely.
Mature or Immature? I can be either. I know when to be mature, but at the same time, I love to goof off and have fun. So, I'm mature when I need to be and immature when I want to be!
Loud or Quiet? Again, I can be either given the circumstance, being loud when I'm acting like an idiot and amusing myself while I'm alone (gotta keep myself preoccupied somehow!), and being quiet when in social situations or when I feel calm. However, I tend to be more quiet.

3 words that describe you: Cheerful, moody, silly.
Photo or brief description of yourself: I don't really have any recent pictures of myself, so I'll describe what I look like. I have neck length, light brown hair and hazel eyes that usually look light brown. I'm Caucasian, and I also have dimples on my cheeks and various beauty marks, including two on my neck.
Anything else? Not that I can think of. If you think I should add more, please ask!
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