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Oh, geez...

Name: Karl
Nickname(s): ... Karl
Age: Umpteen
Gender: Fe-man
Height: 5'4" to 5'5" Depends on how I feel at the moment.

Hobbies: You really don’t want to know... Why? Because I don’t even know.
Talents: I can make people reeaaallly annoyed without even TRYING! 8D That, good sir, is a true talent.
Likes: Dogs, silence, reading, drawing cracky pictures, annoying various people, not having mild heart attacks. 8D
Dislikes: Many, many things, but pink especially. o_< I hate people who talk and talk and yet don't know what they're talking about. Annnd... clowns.

Strong Points: I'm loyal to a fault. I do try to be a good friend, and I know that I screw up royally sometimes, but I really try. I'm book smart, too. Some say I'm a little bit fun-ay~
Weak Points: I screw up... royally... a lot... in a lot of things. Also, I'm a bit of a puppy dog. I like being around those I care about, to the point where I get up and follow them and don't know where the hell they're going.

Favorite Food: TACOS. Ooooh, my gosh, spicy food all the way. I also have this thing for peanut butter. =3
Favorite Color: Well, technically it’s a shade, but I like black.
Favorite Pokemon: I likes me some Magikarp! And I kid you not. If I could have an entire team of Magikarp, I so frickin’ would. Problem: they suck. XD Yay for Gyarados!
Favorite Sport: ... Fooodbaaallll?
Favorite kind of music: I like Rock. ~CHEVELLE~
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: I like Gold... he's so annoying, it makes me laugh. XD And, he has a froggie!

Leader or Follower? Okay, this is how it goes: I’m a follower in the sense I don’t like to lead people because I can't think on my feet. When I’m thinking up a plan, I don’t want to hear your whiney ass voice going, “Hey, would you hurry it up.” “Geez, would you do something already?” BECAUSE THAT GIVES ME LEEWAY TO PUNCH THE HELL OUT OF YOU.


Right. =3 Stress + Me = ... MAYDAY, MAYDAY!
Confident or Shy? Shy.
Mature or Immature? ... What do you think?! ... Immature, all the way, for those of you who are insane in the membrane~.
Loud or Quiet? ... o.o Loud online, quiet in real life.

3 words that describe you: Quiet, Loyal, Cranked
Photo or brief description of yourself: Glasses, dark brown hair that goes just above my shoulders, bewbs, and PALENESS.
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