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LOL BACKWARDS it's like the labyrinth

Name: kate
Nickname(s): kate
Age: 18
Gender: female
Height: 5'4"

Hobbies: pokemon, sex, fine dining, dancing, clubbing (in severe moderation and only with the right people, i'd say it sucks in general) going out with friends, going to the movies, beverages (om nom nom,) video games, writing
Talents: not many! it's easy for me to make people laugh, and i'm the best catastrophiser around.
Likes: i really love drinks; i prefer them over food. i'd say i get 60% of my caloric intake through beverages. iced tea, iced coffee drinks, hot coffee drinks, vitaminwater, boba, slush, jamba juice .. i love them. i also love artisan cheeses and charcuterie; i try to stop by at least one critically acclaimed restaurant in the hollywood/beverly hills area a month. i like lingerie and as of late i've adopted this weird habit of collecting cute sex toys. i love buying nice clothes and attending upscale events. i love company. i love .. a lot of things.
Dislikes: i hate people who are gullible and readily spread faulty information. as of now, that's my biggest pet peeve, and the only one worth mentioning. for some odd reason, i don't feel like contemplating what i don't enjoy.

Strong Points: i think i'm fairly knowledgeable and educated; i'm headstrong and confident. i'm also funny and extremely amicable toward those that strike the right chord in me.
Weak Points: i can be very immature and hurtful. in the right situation, my behaviour will be akin to that of a five year old. (a good example is me screaming "TITS OR GTFO" [yes, i spelled it out, out loud] multiple times last night in a crowded outdoor mall.) i can be incredibly annoying when i want to be.

Favorite Food: cheese!
Favorite Color: blue and pink
Favorite Pokemon: quilava
Favorite Sport: BLAAAAH. sex. i used to be somewhat interested in tennis, but i suck too badly and i don't like exercising.
Favorite kind of music: i like a lot of indie variations and alternative. i'm not big into generic rock or hip hop.
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: i'm not very well acquainted with pokemon special as of yet, so i think it would be a little too early for me to decide.

Leader or Follower? it really depends on the people that i'm with. i tend to take charge, but if there's someone with more experience and reliability than myself, i'll probably hand the reigns to them.
Confident or Shy? confident, but shy in groups or with people i don't know for extended periods of time.
Mature or Immature? mature in the right situations
Loud or Quiet? loud, quiet in a library

3 words that describe you: spontaneous, impulsive, compassionate
Photo or brief description of yourself:

that photo was an accident; i don't usually pose naked with such an incoherent look on my face (OR DO I,) but it turned out somewhat decent, so .. whatever.
Anything else? NO
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