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Pokeball, Go!

Name: Karin Tatiana
Nickname(s): Karin/Rin
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Height: 5"0

Hobbies: Playing game, teasing people, chat with friends.. many more.
Talents: Drawing mangas, dancing.. xD;;
Likes: Noodles, internet, dancing, soccer..
Dislikes: Cockroaches, eww!

Strong Points: Easy-going, friendly xD;;
Weak Points: Big ego and greedy (sometimes)

Favorite Food: Pizza, spagetti, junk food..
Favorite Color: Black and blue
Favorite Pokemon: Milotic
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite kind of music: R&B, Hip-hop, Pop
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: Blue, since she wears a sexy outfit! xD;;

Leader or Follower? Sometimes leader, sometimes follower
Confident or Shy? Mostly confident
Mature or Immature? Both.. o_O;;
Loud or Quiet? Loud

3 words that describe you: Easy, greedy, hyper
Photo or brief description of yourself:
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