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I wonder if this is right?
Pokeball Go!

Nickname(s): Cadysu, Cady Chan
Age: 14
Height: 5'4"

Drawing, traveling, designing, acting
Talents: I'm good at lying/ acting, drawing, and I'm fairly good at fighting (I take Karate ^^)
Likes: Fashion design (Project Runway), music (rock), traveling, and Pokemon of course! (Theres also a lot more!)
Dislikes: Rudeness, when I break things/ things that are broken that no one will fix

Strong Points:
lying, fighting, quick thinking
Weak Points: bad at calculations (math), naive, slow at running, I'm a little clumsy ^^;

Favorite Food:
Everything, except cooked carrots
Favorite Color: Pink and black
Favorite Pokemon: Glaceon, Clefable, (I like cute pokemon)
Favorite Sport: Karate? Or Dodgeball. ^^;
Favorite kind of music: Linkin Park (rock), Disco
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?:
I LOVE Blue. She so creative and smart, and I just love her!

Leader or Follower?
I'll be a leader if I can, but usually someone else is the leader before I can be it. (Leader)
Confident or Shy? I'm usually confident, but when I'm around some one I like, or performing, I can be very shy. (Confident)
Mature or Immature? I'm really mature, except if me and my friends are really hyper, then I can be immature. (Mature)
Loud or Quiet? Loud, unless I need to be quiet. (Loud)

3 words that describe you:
Fun, adventurous, smart
Photo or brief description of yourself: I have big brown eyes, brown hair with bangs, and a curvy figure.
Anything else? I hope I did this right! Tell me if I messed up! ^^; 
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