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Pokemon Special Rating Community

Pokemon Special Rating Community!
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Welcome to Pokespecial Rating! Here, you can find out what Pokespecial character you're most like! :) How does it work, you ask? Well, you copy and fill out the application below and then post it in the community! Then, other members will vote on which character they think you're most like! After about a week of voting, you'll get a stamp of the character most people voted you for!!~ But, before you join the community and post your application, make sure you read the rules!

1. All applications need to be placed under a lj-cut. Otherwise, your entry might take up too much room on people's friends lists. ):
2. Please bold all votes! It makes it easier for us to stamp you! :)
3. The character you can be stamped as doesn't have to be the same gender as you - that means a boy can be stamped as a girl and a girl can be stamped as a boy!
4. You must have at least 3 votes for us to stamp you!~
5. If you don't like who you've been stamped as, or you feel you've changed since you posted your application, then you can re-post your application once more and be rated as a different character.
6. You're allowed to advertise/pimp a community as long as it is Pokemon related or another rating community! :)
7. No flaming other members! Or you'll be banned..
8. To prove you have read the rules, put "Pokeball, GO!" Somewhere in your entry!
9. Be yourself. If you don't, then it defies the whole purpose of rating communities! ); Don't act as one of the characters just becuase you want to be stamped as them!
10. If you have any questions or problems contact the staff! :) *see below*

Here's the application!

Remember to put it under a lj-cut! ♥

Here are all the characters you can get stamped as!

Red OldNew
Blue OldNew
Green OldNew
Yellow OldNew
Gold OldNew
Crystal OldNew
Silver OldNew
Ruby OldNew
Sapphire OldNew
Wally OldNew

Images were scanned by itakofying.

Owner: clarissa
Maintainers: itakofying, inuyasha32, mourningmonday, flying_teapot, atlikarinca

We rock! :D

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If you want to be one of our affiliates, make post in the community and tell us! :)

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