Little Pink Princess in Lace (suiseiseki) wrote in pokesp_rating,
Little Pink Princess in Lace

Pokeball, go go go~

Name: Rachel Renee
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"

Hobbies: Writing poems, designing & sketching out clothing ideas, shopping, being with my love, and taking photos around the garden of my dolls with little flowers to match their dresses.
Talents: Eye for colors, romantic, loyal--I am willing to do anything for those I care about, especially my love, refined, and my flowery, poetic writing.
Likes: Fashion, cosmetics, gardens, oriental anything, fashion dolls, amigurumi, indie&trance music, poetry, black&white films, and art of any sort.
Dislikes: Places with a lack of beauty or color, immaturity, people who cannot accept others, and those without an open mind to new ideas.

Strong Points: Very artistic and creative. :)
Weak Points: Obsessive, I can come off as a "snob" by first impression, naive, too delicate.

Favorite Food: Anything with fruit--strawberries with cream is yummy too!
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Pokemon: Bellossom
Favorite Sport: Dance
Favorite kind of music: Trance
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: I do not want to bias this. ;3 Sorry!

Leader or Follower? It depends on the situation.
Confident or Shy? A bit of both, it depends who I am around.
Mature or Immature? Again, depends.
Loud or Quiet? Quiet

3 words that describe you: Creative, romantic, fashionable.
Photo or brief description of yourself:
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