Cath ☠ (clarissa) wrote in pokesp_rating,
Cath ☠

Hey! (It's your mod, here! :D) I'm having a bit of trouble stamping all of the members and maintaining the community by myself. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in being a co-mod and helping me stamp people? ^^; All of the current staff is kind of dead. Dl It's not a very hard job, all you need to do is stamp a person once they have received a minimum of 3 votes, and then comment on the stamped list (you can find a link to it in the userinfo) so I can add them there.

All you need to do is comment to this entry if you're interested. :) No past experience is required; anybody who comments and shows interest will be excepted. Thank you very much. ♥

EDIT: Thank you flying_teapot and atlikarinca! ♥♥
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