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Pokeball, go!

Nickname(s):Rai, Romano
Age: 15

Hobbies:Drawing, Computerizing, Writing, reading listening to music.
Talents:I've been told that I'm quite the artist and a descent writter.
Likes:Music of all kind, Interesting people, laughing, lounging, sleeping, eating, annoying people
Dislikes:Pools, Jerks, people who are to serious, robots, bugs, physical labor

Strong Points:Open-minded
Weak Points: Short-tempered.

Favorite Food:Tangelos and/or Chicken salad
Favorite Color: Blue, Black, and Silver. Blue if I had to pick just one.
Favorite Pokemon: Raichu, Alakazam, Persian...RAICHU
Favorite Sport:Tennis if any
Favorite kind of music:Oh I like all kinds. I'm obsessed with Techno/PowerPop right now.
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: Green because it'd amuse me to watch him get so riled up.

Leader or Follower?Follower most of the time. I don't feel like dealing with leadership responsibilites
Confident or Shy?Both, I think.
Mature or Immature?I fall between the two.
Loud or Quiet?It all depends on who I'm with. In class I'm quiet, with friends I'm as loud as I want to be.

3 words that describe you:Short,Curious,Happy
Photo or brief description of yourself: >see userpic<
Anything else?"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!"
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