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p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pokeball goooooooooooooooo!!

Name: Sol
Nickname(s):Solly, Regire
Age: seventeelium
Gender: vagina person
Height: 5'0

Hobbies:drawing, listening/finding musical oddities, internet, video games, pokemans, weird movies, okay anything people find wtf i like. ive developed a habit for downloading anime people find popular and then laughing and the subs. i dunno why either
Talents: is putting you fist in your mouth a talent?
Likes:art, videogames, indie movies/music, the polysics, junk food
Dislikes:harry potter at the moment

Strong Points:im annoying
Weak Points:im annoying

Favorite Food:im usually really fussy and dont eat that much food so i'll have to go with chips (french fries)
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Pokemon:drifloon
Favorite Sport:ugh
Favorite kind of music:this is the part where i say rock music right? well i like anything really
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?:well i have a girlcrush on pearl

Leader or Follower?both
Confident or Shy?contary to belief im actually shy in the irl
Mature or Immature?uh
Loud or Quiet?uh

3 words that describe you:annoying, vulger, immature
Photo or brief description of yourself:short, curvy, dark brownish hair with highlights, tanned skin, small feet.
Anything else?bah
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