Sakurakon (sakurakon) wrote in pokesp_rating,

Pokeball, Go!

Leaping lopunnies batman! it's a new post! Name: Chloe Nickname(s): None in real life (unless you count the nicknames that my parents give me) but I have quite a few online nicknames Age: 16 Gender: female (kinda duh) Height: 5'3 Hobbies: Drawing (not very good at it) Writing (lazy) Pokemon (freakishly obsessed) Talents: Creative writing, painting with ink Likes: Alot of things, manga, artsy stuff, virtual stuff o.O; Dislikes: Ignorant and stupid people. Ugh. Strong Points:Very empathetic Weak Points:Weak will Favorite Food:Anything that swims/lives in the water (yes, that includes squid) Favorite Color:Indigo Favorite Pokemon:Waaay too many. Charizard is special to me though Favorite Sport: Dogsledding Favorite kind of music: Instrumental, Symphonic metal Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: Silver and Giovanni. I...don't exacly know why. Leader or Follower? mostly a follower, but if I feel the need to lead, I will Confident or Shy? VERY shy Mature or Immature? It depends on who I'm around, around my friends I'm a bit immature, and around everyone else I'm mature (kinda) Loud or Quiet? VERY quiet 3 words that describe you: Introverted, Intelligent, Childish Photo or brief description of yourself:Craptastic doodle of me: Image Hosted by
Anything else?Not really, I'm kinda excited about my results because I've been lurking around this community for a long time =D
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