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o yayz.

Omg I didn't even know other people read the PokeSpe manga! *Squeals*
MasterPokeball, go! :3

Name: Yoon
Nickname(s):Baboon, Yoonie moonie baboonie...[anything else that rhymes here =.="]. Some stupid boy made it up in Year 7 and it's stuck ever since. ^.^
Age: 16
Height: 5"7

Hobbies: Any creative projects-- think photoshopping, video editing, writing etc. My mind is always whirring with creative ideas o.o. I am also self teaching myself Japanese so I can read manga without having to spend like $43535462 for volumes, and my iPod is on 24/7. Oh and I also play rugby and netball.
Talents: Anything creative-- my GCSE History teacher kept all my history projects to show to the current year 11s as the 'model standard' haha ^.^. I'm also apparently quite musical, and I'm quite talented at scraping As on exams for subjects I thought I never understood o.o
Likes: History, creative stuff, listening to music, procrastinating (^.^), that feeling with friends when everything just seems hilarious and your ab muscles start to ache, but you just can't stop giggling...(and no, it's not an euphemism for being tipsy xD). Most of the time I'd rather chill out at home doing nothing then go partying like crazy. Oh, and I absolutely adore cats!
Dislikes: I absolutely canNOT stand cucumbers! In any form, shape or size >.<. Really clingy/over-posessive people bug me. I also go blank at the sight of most things maths-related, and like most girls, am not too partial towards creepy crawlies...

Strong Points: Hard-working, creative, thorough, passionate...but I also make my friends laugh quite a lot (granted, it's usually at my expense...)
Weak Points: Stubborn, not good at meeting new people, over-analytical, perfectionist. Oh and I'm one of the most accident-prone people you will ever meet haha.

Favorite Food: CHEESECAKE <3 Well, practically everything except cucumbers. I eat like, every hour haha.
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite Pokemon: So many! Anything that looks dangerous and elegant at the same time, like Ninetales, Sneasel, Persian, Scizor, Dragonair, Umbreon <33...Heck, the entire Eevee family, come to think of it.
Favorite Sport: ...eating? Haha well I've been playing rugby for 5 years, and netball for 6 so...
Favorite kind of music: My favourite artists (right now) are Namie Amuro, Within Temptation, Paramore, Basshunter, Groove Coverage, Nightwish and My Chemical Romance. I listen to pretty much everything really, except for RnB and Hip Hop.
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?:Green, because he is a sexy thang. He's always so cool and collected, and really cunning with his battle techniques.

Leader or Follower? If it's something I'm confident in, I'll shove others out of the way to lead :D
Confident or Shy? Again, depends on the subject. Like I don't really make new friends easily coz I don't talk much, but I don't shut up in the classroom hehe.
Mature or Immature? Definately mature, but I can be startlingly immature and child-like among my closest friends.
Loud or Quiet? Again, depends who I'm with. In general I stay quiet unless it's something I'm really indignant/passionate about, then you'll have a hard time reining me in.

3 words that describe you:Creative, passionate...dynamic?
Photo or brief description of yourself: (On the right. But I got my braces off now :D)
Anything else? I'm sleepy.... O.O (been sleeping at 3am for like 5 nights in a row...)

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