Michiko (mkvampireknight) wrote in pokesp_rating,

Rate me please

Hope you don't mind me filling out this application, Pokeball GO!

<b>Name:</b> MK
<b>Nickname(s):</b> MK
<b>Age:</b> sorry but I won't tell
<b>Gender:</b> female
<b>Height:</b> idk

<b>Hobbies:</b> singing, playing video games, if I was a pokemon trainer i would battle
<b>Talents:</b> Pokemon game champion
<b>Likes:</b> pokemon, anime
<b>Dislikes:</b> Shugo Chara

<b>Strong Points:</b> Smart, friendly
<b>Weak Points:</b> Shy

<b>Favorite Food:</b> French Fries? ^_^'
<b>Favorite Color:</b> Purple
<b>Favorite Pokemon:</b> Shaymin
<b>Favorite Sport:</b> idk I don't play sports, i'll say swimming though
<b>Favorite kind of music:</b> rock
<b>Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?:</b> Blue because she looks like me and is a lot like me

<b>Leader or Follower?</b> Follower but sometimes a leader
<b>Confident or Shy?</b> shy
<b>Mature or Immature?</b> immature when it comes to things i like such as pokemon XD, mature when it comes to manners and being polite
<b>Loud or Quiet?</b> quiet, sometimes loud with friends

<b>3 words that describe you:</b> shy, quiet, friendly
<b>Photo or brief description of yourself:</b> long brown hair, hazel eyes, small for my age
<b>Anything else?</b> i don't think so

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