naruterror (naruterror) wrote in pokesp_rating,

Pokeball, GO!

Name: Lea :D
Nickname(s): Nacchi, Terror
Age: 17
Gender: female
Height: 170 cm

Hobbies: drawing, Photoshop, webdesign, making videos, hanging around, listening to music, playing video games
Talents: drawing
Likes: pizza, coke, Pokemon games, shippings, sleeping, coke, silence, watching TV, coke, cherries, bananas, hamburgers... did I mention coke? :D
Dislikes: fanbrats, children, hyperactive/loud people, arrogant people, people who disagree with me (x'D)

Strong Points: friendly, creative
Weak Points: antisocial

Favorite Food: Pizza ~ ♥
Favorite Color: black
Favorite Pokemon: Latios
Favorite Sport: ...none :'D
Favorite kind of music: Metal *_*
Favorite character from Pokemon Special and why?: Hard to say... Most likely Blue, because she's sweet and awesome and is a strong girl :D

Leader or Follower? Follower
Confident or Shy? Shy
Mature or Immature? Immature
Loud or Quiet? Quiet

3 words that describe you: quiet, antisocial, lazy
Photo or brief description of yourself: darkbrown, long & curly hair, brown eyes, body type: female
Anything else? Nope.
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